All counts of “Healing time halved” stacks additively. If you halve healing time twice, you heal 3 times the normal rate.

A character can make an Intelligence + Medicine roll, representing 1 hour of work, treating wounds. Success on this roll halves wounded character’s healing times for the next 24 hours. Good tools and some healing magic can add additional dice to the treatment roll.

Characters with the Holistic Awareness Merit can halve the healing time with each success on the treatment roll. Such a character rolling 3 successes can help a character heal 4 times faster than normal, healing a lethal wound every 3 hours and aggravated wounds in 12 hours.

Wounds can be healed without complete bedrest, halved healing times function even in stressful situations and while travelling.

New Healing times

These overrides the usual healing time from WoD: Core Book.

Bashing 15 minutes
Lethal 12 hours
Aggravated 48 hours

New Rule: Second Wind

As long as your character is conscious, she can take a full turn to regain her wits, grit her teeth and shrug off damage. Your character can’t move, attack, or employ Defense, but she can employ reflexive actions as usual. This means she’ll often devote two turns to Second Wind; one to move to safety (during which she might also attack or perform another instant action) and another to recover.

Roll Resolve + Stamina; every success recovers one point of bashing damage and every two successes recovers one point of lethal damage. Aggravated damage is way too serious to simply shrug off and thus cannot be recovered this way. You may spend a point of Willpower on this roll, and you don’t have to pick the type of damage you want to heal until you know the results. You may succeed at a number of Second Wind instances during a scene equal to the lowest of your character’s Stamina or Resolve, for a maximum number of scenes equal to the same number. If you fail the roll, it doesn’t use up one of these instances.

After that, your character needs eight hours of rest (at least four of which must be uninterrupted) to regenerate her Second Wind opportunities. Furthermore, after resting you can’t use Second Wind rolls to rapidly heal any damage the character suffered before the rest period.
Any remaining damage is serious enough to warrant the normal rules for healing damage.


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