New rules

New Rules


Firearms skill is now “Archery”. Archery exclusively applies to crafted weapons fired at long range. Improvised and thrown objects and such still use a base Dexterity + Athletics check when thrown. Default range values have also been added to all ranged weapons.

Computer skill has been renamed to “Spellcraft”. Spellcraft deals with matters of a magical or arcane nature. Spellcraft can be used to read magical scripts, activate arcane devices, or identify a spell being cast.

Drive has been renamed to “Ride”. Ride deals with racing or performing tasks on a mount such as a horse.


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To cast an Improvised spell, the magic-user rolls double their Arcanum rating (WoD: Fantasy Magic-users has no Gnossis). Rotes follow the normal rules per M:tAw (relevant attribute + skill + arcanum).


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New rules

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