I am using (a slightly modified version of) the resource system from D20 Modern.

To determine starting Wealth, roll three dice. Pick the highest roll as the characters starting wealth.

Over the course of play, the characters’s Wealth bonus will decrease as the she purchases expensive items and increase as the she gains treasure.

A character’s Wealth can never fall below 0, and there is no limit to how high the Wealth bonus can climb.

Since Wealth is an abstract concept, it’s sometimes difficult to determine how financially well off a character is. To get a general sense of how financially solvent a character is at any given time, check the table below.

Wealth Financial Condition
0 Impoverished or in debt
1 to 4 Struggling
5 to 10 Middle class
11 to 15 Affluent
16 to 20 Wealthy
21 to 30 Rich
31 or higher Very rich


To buy an item the character must roll a Wealth check. A wealth check is a d10 plus a character’s current Wealth against the cost of the item. If the character succeeds on the Wealth check, the character gains the object. If the character fails, he or she can’t afford the object at the time. A Character with the Resources Merit can add her Resources rating to the wealth roll. NOTE: Resources does not add directly to the wealth rating, but as a bonus to the roll, and thus cannot be lost from-, or help to lower eventual wealth loss from buying expensive items (see below).

If the character’s current Wealth is equal to or greater than the cost, the character automatically succeeds.

If the character successfully purchases an object or service with a cost higher than his or her current Wealth , the character’s Wealth decreases.

Expensive Items

Any time a character purchases an object or service with a cost higher than his or her current Wealth, or one with a cost of 15 or higher, the character’s Wealth goes down. How much the Wealth is reduced depends on how expensive the object is.

Object or Service Cost Wealth Decrease
15 or higher 1 point*
1–5 points higher than current Wealth 1 point
6–10 points higher than current Wealth 3 points
11 or more points higher than current Wealth . 5 points

*)This stacks with the loss from a cost above the character’s current wealth.
Along with this loss, any time a character buys an object or service with a cost of 15 or higher, the character reduces his or her current Wealth by an additional 1 point.

A character’s Wealth only goes down if he or she successfully buys an object or service. If the character attempts to buy something and the check fails, his or her Wealth is unaffected.


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