Social Merits


  • Allies (● to ●●●●●, Social/Background)
    Allies perform favors for your character on occasion; this Merit can take many forms, such as Police, or Criminals. (WOD: Core Rulebook, p114)
  • Anonymity (●● to ●●●●, Social/Background)
    Prerequisites: Resolve ●●, Larceny or Subterfuge ●●
    Your character has taken considerable steps to ensure that very little information exists to trace them, making attempts at Investigation against them harder. (WTF: Blood of the Wolf, p46)
  • Contacts (● to ●●●●●, Social/Background)
    Provide information on a certain topic, often information that would not be available to the public. Each dot reflects a different area of influence. (WOD: Core Rulebook, p114)
  • Fame (● to ●●●, Social/Background)
    Your character has some notable recognition, which makes socialization much easier. (WOD: Core Rulebook, p115)
  • Friend (● to ●●●●● {Power, Trust}, Social/Background) RCG p 68
  • Medium (●●● to ●●●●●, Social/Specialized)
    Prerequistes: Mortal, Resolve ●●
    Your character acts as a conduit between the worlds of the living and dead, allowing him or her to temporarily call one of the dead into their body. This can be seen as both a blessing and a curse, with the five-dot version more closely resembling a blessing, while the three-dot version dives into curse territory. (WOD: Book of the Dead, p93)
  • Mentor (● to ●●●●●, Social/Background)
    Provides a teacher to the character who can provide them with advice and offer solutions in tough situations. (WOD: Core Rulebook, p115)
  • Noble Heritage (●● or ●●●●, Social/Expanded Trait)
    Your character is descended from an influential family, such as royalty, a respected business empire, or a major pillar of a supernatural group, such as a Mages Order. This grants additional respect when dealing with those who respect the importance of that group. (VTR: Requiem for Rome, p111)
  • Resources (● to ●●●●●, Social/Background) (House-ruled, See Resources)
    Represents income in addition to what is considered standard for a character, allowing for extra purchases above basic wants and needs. (WOD: Core Rulebook, p115). (House Rule: Each dot of Resources, permanently add 1 to any Wealth checks made to acquire items or pay for services. NOTE: Resources does not add directly to the wealth rating, but as a bonus to the roll, and thus cannot be lost from-, or not help to lower eventual wealth loss from buying expensive items (see Resources for more information).)
  • Retainer (● to ●●●●●, Social/Background)
    Provides a second, minor character who fairly consistently supports the owner of the Merit; as a general rule of thumb, the trait maximum for a Retainer is equal to the number of dots taken. (WOD: Core Rulebook, p116)
  • Staff (● to ●●●●●, Social/Background) [Resources, variable] Gh p 74
  • Status (● to ●●●●●, Social/Background)
    Prerequisites: Varies
    Provides a certain amount of standing in a large group; upon taking the Merit, that group must be specified, such as Police Merchants or Mercenaries. The exact benefits vary significantly based on which group is chosen. Supernatural groups may take this Merit for organizations such as Covenants, Tribes, and Orders. (WOD: Core Rulebook, p116)
  • Striking Looks (●● or ●●●●, Social/Expanded Trait)
    Your character looks better than the average person, and receives a bonus on Social rolls where her looks are a factor. (WOD: Core Rulebook, p117)

● One-Dot Merits

  • Barfly (Social/Background)
    Your character can enter exclusive bars and restaurants with little to no difficulty. (WOD: Core Rulebook, p114)

●● Two-Dot Merits

  • Bureaucratic Navigator (Social/Expanded Trait)
    Whenever a character with this Merit attempts to deal with a bureaucracy, they find it somewhat simpler than the average person would. (WOD: Asylum, p51)

●●● Three-Dot Merits

●●●● Four-Dot Merits

  • Inspiring (Social/Specialized)
    Prerequisites: Presence ●●●●
    Allows your character to inspire others into reclaiming a small amount of lost Willpower. (WOD: Core Rulebook, p115)

●●●●● Five-Dot Merits


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